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If you want to spend a memorable and comfortable stay and privacy in an authentic place, surrounded by oaks and olive trees, caressed by the sun from sunrise to sunset, 

with a unique panoramic view

and a few steps from the sea ....

then this is the place for you!




© Be my Guest in Cilento Coast !


A natural terrace overlooking the beautiful Gulf of Policastro.



And behind it the majesty of Mount Bulgheria.

Crossroads of the three centers that make up the Cilentan Municipality (Scario, Bosco and the capital San Giovanni a Piro), hence the name of the new extra-hotel tourist structure "Tre Borghi".

From this position it is possible to admire, in addition to the three villages, the entire Gulf of Policastro and a large part of the Calabrian-Lucanian coast.

Behind the structure, with its imposing majesty, you will fall in love with the grandeur of Mount Bulgheria, also known as "the dolomite of Cilento".


We aspire to excellence in hospitality towards our customers and try to do it with passion and attention to detail.


We value the culture and flavors of our places and we love to know the smells and the history of these lands that have been carefully preserved, with sacrifice and love, by our Ancestors.


Spacious accommodation, modern, comfortable and .... theme with the reference village!

Cenobio House, named after the famous Byzantine Abbey built towards the year one thousand in the mountain village of S. Giovanni a Piro.

Sambuco House, dedicated to the well-known source located at the entrance of the hilltop village of Bosco.

Tragara House, inspired by the famous beach corner of the seaside village of Scario.

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