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Thanks minds


This page is only a small tribute to those who made possible the creation of this website that will surely be able to help us to make known our small business in the field of Hospitality.


  • I can only start by thanking first of all My Family (my wife Francesca and the loves of my life, Annalisa and Luca; my parents, my brother Carlo and my sister Maria Giuseppina) for giving me courage and support at all times.

  • Gratitude to the dear cousin Pino Sorrentino (PinoDesign) for the creation of the logo, uniquely summarizing my dear three villages of Scario, Bosco and San Giovanni a Piro (sea, hill, mountain). The simplicity in the forms of the logo fully expresses what the linearity of the site wants to be in the name of clarity and essentiality.

  • A heartfelt thanks to Angelo Cetrangolo for helping and directing me in the choice of the platform for the construction of the website, offering important tips on its compilation.

  • Thanks to my dear "classmate", Avv. Salvatore Paradiso, for the encouragement in the company and for the fundamental contribution he made for the editorial part of the site,

  • Laura Laterza for the beautiful photos!

  • A special thanks also to all those who physically worked in the construction of the residence and finally, not least, an infinite thanks to my dear friends: Angelo, Massimiliano, Vito, Tonino, Mirella who, with their unconditional (as well as physical) support , they gave me strength and stimulus to continue to the end.


Surely there are many other people who have made even a small contribution to this project, and many others who will do it ....... thanks !!




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